No dating till 18

no dating till 18

Mine wont let me date til I graduate from high but being the "rebel" I am I'm not .. No, I don't think it is easy to keep a secret like that from parents. . My mom said 18, but I don't know if she'll bump it to like 20 or. But not single one on one serious dating until and if are religious, then no, don't need to be dating so to begin with. Sorry girls my mom says no dating till likes. sorry girl mom says no dating till !!

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The expression "to date" means "until the present", although I wouldn't use it in this context; "till date" appears to be Indian English for "until the. I didn't date until I was already sure about someone I knew quite well as . I had my first actual boyfriend when I was 18 and in my first year at.

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