Jo hemmings dating coach

jo hemmings dating coach

Jo Hemmings - Dating Coach and Celebrity Psychologist. Home celebrity psychologist My Books tv psychologist TV and Radio space3 PR/Public Relations. Jo Hemmings is the UK's favourite dating coach, often seen on TV and radio and a keen follower of twitter Jo is available for private dating coaching sessions. Jo Hemmings is a Behavioural Psychologist, Dating and Relationship Coach and TV and radio personality. With degrees from the Universities of Warwick and.

Coaching is a forward-looking process, unlike therapy for instance. Interesting question… I suppose the best was a girl who was so delighted with the results, she promptly went out and met a guy, got engaged a year or so later and invited me to her wedding to say thank you. Over the ten years what has been your most memorable case while coaching on dating? How many cases of dating couples do you get that are simply not destined to be together? I work with a lot of celebrity clients.

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