Dating chart man

dating chart man

i once went on a date with a girl who was super beautiful and was so chilled out and cool, really liked her. Sack the Wife Zone Chart Here is The Husband Zone Chart - Duration: danielle hindley 3, views ยท 4. The Universal Hot vs Crazy Matrix - a Man's Guide to Women - Duration: StreetArtGlobe 4,,

The two perspectives of the woman doing the rating and of the man being rated are two halves of a whole. Pick an age in black under 40, and the number in red is always very close. This table lists, for a woman, the age of men she finds most attractive. He gets older, and their viewpoint accommodates him. And after he hits thirty, the latter half of our age range that is, women over 35 might as well not exist. Then at 40, the progression breaks free of the diagonal, going practically straight down for nine years.

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"Everything a man needs to know about women". Someone should make a men chart, I'd like to see where I sit in it. We'd probably So men only date women.

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