Dating a lawyer is hard

dating a lawyer is hard

Things you should know before dating a lawyer- Legally Blonde. Rex So we're hard to pin down, but when you do, we're a TON of fun. 7. This one is big: lawyers love hard facts both in work and love, so they want to be in a solid relationship. They love to be clear about their dating status and will. Dating an attorney is an easy way to get luxury lifestyle, but it's so difficult to date a lawyer successfully.

The answer is that dating an attorney is difficult for many people, particularly those who work long hours themselves or have rather inflexible schedules that make creating changes challenging to say the least. Why do many lawyers win in court, but lose in love? So, here are four reasons why dating a lawyer can be difficult. While many TV shows depict lawyers in love , the truth is that many attorneys wind up dating each other if only because they are the only ones who understand their long work schedule and many different duties that are required of their profession. How to date a lawyer successfully More So, what exactly makes lawyer dating a trying affair? What is it like to date a lawyer?

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You could furnish a whole entire flat with all of the free mugs and pens. While most of us think lawyers are objective, argumentative or hard to deal with and definitely not the right choice for dating, there's another.

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