Dating a crackhead

dating a crackhead

Originally Posted by ExPit One wonderful woman + One crackhead = Two crackheads this is SPOT on. I was in the results from i don't know how i got myself into this mess or what to do about it or even if this is the right board to post on but i started dating a guy a year ago. Or snorted it, or any of it. For the past almost 2 years I have dated a crackhead. I call him that not out of disrespect but because thats what he is.

Like we need another suspicious black woman on the streets of London? There were plenty of other signs. Illustrations by Theresa Tibbetts. My own crackhead ending is right here. Leave a Reply Cancel reply document.

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Here goes my issue: Started dating a man 2 yrs ago, he moved in with me 2mths into the He likes being a crackhead or he would change. My year-old younger sister returned from Nairobi where she was pursuing a degree. She has always been the independent type and I.

Dating a crackhead - Why is online dating not safe


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