Parody dating site

parody dating site

Plenty of Catfish brings women who don't exist to lonely, gullible men with large bank accounts for the ultimate. Online Dating Commercial *PARODY* . lol Love this site, my 1st cousin and I met there and we have been. "Christian Tingle" is a set of of very funny videos that parody the online dating site,"Christian Mingle" and their incredibly earnest television.

He apparently came up with the idea for the site after hearing of a similar dating service for Democrats, and after seeing that his Republican friends were having a tough time on dates whenever politics came up, and particularly when talking about Donald Trump. Each new account has to be approved by the Trump Singles Staff, and Goss says that his team makes sure that applicants are indeed Trump supporters and not just looking for a good laugh at the expense of others. So you could say he was shocked to find that 6, people had registered on the first day. Goss says that he never imagined it would grow to its current level, claiming that he only envisioned it as a cool place for his Trump-supporting friends to mingle. By using this website you agree with our use of cookies Ok.

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2 minsettl: the myspace angles and certainly not intended to earth folks only commercial parody tubes. Com for farmersmeet. File: the dating sites featuring josh. View more christian dating site parody videos on CBS News, featuring the latest indepth coverage from our news team. japan dating games.

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The self-explanatory dating site was started by David Gross, who felt “At first I was concerned that people would think this was a parody site,”.

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Multi-award winning broker launches a mortgage-themed parody site of the controversial dating site Ashely Madison, just in time for Valentine's.

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