How to transition from dating to just friends

how to transition from dating to just friends

when first date goes wrong My mind and heart have a difficult time with this transition. – Rebecca. Dear Rebecca, When thoughts of him come up, remind yourself that you are now just friends and that is all it might ever be. Of course, it's disappointing when a dating relationship doesn't work out, but it doesn't make you less of a catch for someone else. Just because. Blessed with a friendship that predates our romance, Andrew and I have the next bit should be easy - but the transition from lover to friend is.

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Create new boundaries for friendship. Transitioning from lover to friend can be very tricky especially if the break up was more one sided. Are there certain topics that you won't discuss (e.g. other people you are dating). All you ever had was a friend. Just keep on doing exactly what you were doing before. There's literally nothing that even needs to change.

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