Dating a casio watch

dating a casio watch

Casio recommends that you do not set the date on their watches between the hours of p.m. and a.m. It is always wise to follow such. Casio watches come in a variety of shapes and sizes and include all sorts of features. This tutorial uses a Casio G-Shock Classic model. Casio Serial Numbers and date of production. Message #1 Posted by Antonio Maschio (Italy) on 16 June , a.m.. Hi everybody,. I know I'm a bit off-topic.

There are generally two methods of setting a Casio watch depending upon whether the watch has mechanical hands with a crown or an electronic watch with buttons. It pulls out to two positions - one for setting time and one for setting the date. Press buttons B and C simultaneously. However, most Casio watches follow a similar user-friendly setting method. Pressing the two buttons when the seconds are in a range of 00 to 29 , keeps the minute count the same. The first click position is a halfway pulled out crown.

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