Celebrities dating normal

celebrities dating normal

Celebrity power couples tend to rule the Hollywood love boat, but not all stars want romance in the limelight. Some celebs have no need for the. Celebrities dating non-famous people, such as Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus, Relationship experts clarify that celebrity/normal person. 11 Times Celebrities Married Normal People Stewart met then–veterinary technician McShane on a blind date at a Mexican restaurant in.

But there was once a time when the Duchess of Cambridge really was one of us. But not every A-lister is married to an equally famous star. There's hope for the rest of us yet. There are plenty of celebs who've gone against the grain and married — gasp — regular people. Of course, some celebrity spouses, like Kate Middleton, have become stars in their own right.

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It's so exciting when a ridiculously famous person goes out with a non-celebrity, because it must mean we all stand a chance with Brad Pitt or.

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