Block b dating foreigners

block b dating foreigners

Anonymous said: Who in block b do you think would date a latina girl that knows alot He hasn't studied abroad, so he may be somewhat timid to foreigners. In Block B we can see Zico, B-bomb, Yukwon, and Kyung possibly dating a foreigner. Taeil, P.O, and Jaehyo on the other hand, we can't see really see them. Block B's Zico discussed being rejected by a celebrity crush and his thoughts on Kim Gu Ra's son, rapper MC GREE, on the January 27th.

We hope we bring smiles to your face and satisfy every single one of your Block B wants and needs! O would probably like a more cuter girl. Feel free to request antyhing. But I think Kyung and Zico would be the most open to it. Notes taeyeons-voice liked this. Zico - He would be all over this girl.

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On Block B's reality program '5 Minutes Before Chaos', members Park Kyung and Zico revealed on After dating me in fifth grade, she dated Zico in sixth grade," making everyone laugh. .. He said he like dating foreigners. Anonymous Asked: How would B-Bomb/U-Kwon/Jaehyo confess their of Block b would be open to dating a dark skinned foreigner, or a foreigner in general??

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Who in block-b would most likely date a foreigner? Kyung - He lived in a foreign country so he's been around foreigners probably the most.

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