Oregon state laws on dating a minor

oregon state laws on dating a minor

First here is what Oregon law states. Oregon Close-In-Age Exemption The steps the 20yr can take is to (i) be able to show clear consent from minor; (ii) be. Sex with minors is illegal, so don't do it. But a few years ago, the Oregon Court of Appeals threw another statute into the mix. But they didn't have permission in, perhaps, a date-rape type situation. The state is appealing that ruling to the Oregon Supreme Court, which has put the issue on abeyance. Chart providing details of Oregon Legal Ages Laws. States have their minor laws designating the "age of majority," or the age at which a citizen is considered.

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Oregon state laws on dating a minor - Dating word search puzzle

Washington Age of Consent | LegalMatch Law Library. Oregon state laws on dating a minor rape is prosecuted under washington's rape and.

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