Dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage

dating pregnancy straight after a miscarriage

So do I calculate from the date of miscarriage? Had a m/c and went straight back to being preggo again. I did take a couple pregnancy tests after the miscarriage, one shortly after I stopped bleeding, and the second one. How do I work out my estimated due date given I haven't had a period Pregnant straight after miscarriage without a period inbetween? Will they date it from my d&c or just have to wait til they give me a scan? I had a miscarriage in April and fell pregnant straight after but.

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I asked how long it can take for a dating scan and basically just got told it . not meant to use the day you started having the miscarriage bleeding as cd 1! I fell pregnant straight after a mc I did use my mc date as 1st day of. I was just wondering if anyone has fallen pregnant straight after a miscarriage without having a period first. My due date meant that I had become pregant on the very week (they thought it was eptopic) that I was in hospital.

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