Dating old tables

dating old tables

Furniture legs can help identify and date antique pieces. Chippendale Style Game Table with Marlborough Legs. Dating from Antiquity - examples have been found on Greek klismos chairs - it underwent a revival. For the antiques collector, identifying antique furniture is one of the most fascinating aspects of antique collecting because most collect what they like. Is it a coffee table or king-size bed? They weren't around before the 20th Century. Murphy beds? They appeared in the s. Windsor chairs were not around.

The information in the database comes from the sale prices of more than , antique items around the world. According to the publisher, this is the most popular antique guide on the market. Invaluable is an auction site for art and antiques, and it provides free information on the value of items sold on the site. Although most auction sites don't provide antique valuation services, they do offer a great deal of information. WorthPoint specializes in recent sales of specific items of antique furniture and art. The book include detailed information about how a patina can add value to a piece.

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The Dating of Old Houses, a paper prepared by Dr. Henry C. Mercer, contains photographs, drawings, and patent information on nails, hinges. Includes: printed furniture value guides, online antique furniture value lookup, appraising In it, I found some old correspondence dating back to . Does know what type of side tables these are and if possible, the value?

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