Crazy girl dating chart

crazy girl dating chart

Husband Matrix: Response To The Hot Crazy Matrix . Should Young Intelligent Men With No Children Date. The guy in the video draws out a graphical depiction with a women's level of crazy on the vertical axis and her level of hotness on the horizontal. The chart was developed by Dana McLendon, a forty-something who looks like The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix: A Man's Guide to Women three years of pre-wedding dating would have been condensed into about a week.

If you waste time with low quality girls, you will end up needy and overwhelmed if you ever attract a quality, hot girl. Women are naturally deceptive and elusive with their true persona, so it does take a long time to figure out what you have. A nice body should go without saying, but this is more arbitrary as people prefer different body types, heights, etc. All girls start with a default level of 4 for craziness according to the video. If you are playing ball in the 7. Axel Page December 7,

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Guys, a veritable Einstein on the ways of women exists among us and his name is. “As a rule, we do not date or marry women who are not at least, in our “Below a five crazy and above an eight hot is your unicorn zone. crazy women dating chart. Everything a young man needs to know about, with her head and her breast and her arms and her hands, should drop.

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MATCHMAKING AGENCY INDIA Back in July we posted a video of a Tennessee man breaking down the hot-crazy matrix that men having been using for centuries to determine if a woman is a.
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