Dating of prospectus

dating of prospectus

Dating of prospectus.—; Matters to be stated and reports to be set out in prospectus.—; Expert to be unconnected with formation or management or. Since the Prospectus MSS must date from before MS B, for which they provide the copy text, they cannot have been written any later than September Except for a form of prospectus used after the effective date of the registration statement and before the determination of the offering price as permitted by Rule.

Any condition requiring or binding an applicant for securities to waive compliance with any requirement imposed by virtue of sub-section 1 , or purporting to impute him with notice of any contract, documents or matter not specifically referred to in the prospectus, shall be void. Nothing in this section shall limit or diminish any liability which any person may incur under any law for the time being in force in India or under this Act apart from this section. Companies Act, Provided that sub-clauses i , ii and iii of clause a of this sub-section shall not apply in the case of a prospectus issued more than two years after the date at which the company is entitled to commence business. Dating of prospectus and particulars to be contained therein.

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(1) Subject to section A, it shall not be lawful for any person to issue, circulate or distribute in Hong Kong any prospectus offering for. Every prospectus submitted for vetting shall, in addition to the requirements of Transparency and Requirements Prospectus ; Dating of Prospectus (Sec.

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